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The Big Bold Yeti


We care. We’re passionate. We coach, engage, inspire. We awaken belief in people and brands.

Whether it’s product awareness, strategic selling, field marketing or management coaching, we tailor our programmes to deliver your competitive advantage.

What makes us different is our unique combination of human – centric learning and marketing solutions, a deep understanding of human psychology and creative innovation in application. We ask questions, think and interpret reality differently. This mix enables unforgettable understanding, so you can get better results.

You don’t need a big budget to make a big impact or leave lasting impressions; you need a Big Bold Yeti!


Why it works

We get to the heart of the matter.

We engage the sub-conscious brain and arouse emotions that animate people into action, leaving them feeling empowered and motivated. People who feel empowered are more productive, creative, innovative, and successful, both in and out of the workplace – just the kind of people you want representing your brand.

By creating a tension-free environment, we maximise the learning potential and knowledge retention of your target audience.

Over 100,000 people across 33 countries and 83 cities have benefitted from our approach.

Global marketplace









Yetis are selective creatures. We like to work with companies and organisations who, like us, are committed to their people and want to grow their business ethically and organically. We have worked with…

Media Markt
Dixons Travel
Carphone Warehouse


We taste the soup, because that’s the only way to sell it.

Our process involves tasting your product or service so we discover your inner remarkability and magic for ourselves.

With this knowledge and belief in your brand, we make things simple, turn up the volume, and share the BIG and BOLD tastes within and outside of your organisation.

Our process involves getting a taste of your product or service


Value Based Selling / Strategic Selling

Value & Education Based Selling

Instead of destabilising your business and bottom line with price cuts, bring a Yeti in to train your sales people in the arts of value and education based selling.

This is mental sales jujitsu, plain and simple. If you’ve experienced it, you’ll have a sense of the way in which it can change your business. If you haven’t, you need to.

Product Awareness and Sales Enablement

Product Awareness and Sales Enablement

How well do your sales and marketing teams articulate your brand, services and products in their work and to your customers?

Maximise your current resources by ensuring they’re working to their full potential. We can help generate awareness and interest, giving understanding through bespoke learning experiences; experiences that energise every touch point of your customer journey, from internal colleagues to buyers, retail salespeople, distributors and the media at your press events.

Retailer Sales Staff Training Events

Retailer, Reseller, Distributor Training Events

One of the most often neglected external assets of any brand are the salespeople standing between your product and the customer.

Big Bold Yeti makes brand advocates of your channel partners so you get more from your resources. Our psychology-based engagement methods will inspire, motivate and leave them with lasting impressions and skills to grow your sales.

Demo Days

There’s nothing worse than someone wearing your uniform and unconvincingly forcing your goods or services to an uninterested consumer.

Bring a Yeti in to work their magic with a crowd-pulling, interactive experience that pleasantly surprises and delights your customers into action, so they buy your brand, repeat their business and refer others. All our Yetis are fully trained in our advanced engagement and communications techniques and will transmit their passion for your brand and products in an infectious way.

Corporate / Retailer Induction Programme

Onboarding Programmes

Your people are your most important asset; they are the future of your business.

Who’s telling your brand story to new recruits and keeping existing staff excited about your brand? Our bespoke Induction Programme will excite your people, give understanding of your culture, core values and products so they can delight their customers and nurture the business.

E-Learning & M-Learning

E-Learning & M-Learning

E-Learning – Most E-learning is essentially E-reading, and how many of us have rushed through clipart-riddled PowerPoint slides to take the common-sense quiz at the end and tick the requirements box?

If you’re serious about growing your people, getting results and reaching out to larger numbers in a budget-friendly way, erase your previous E-learning experience and get a Yeti involved. We will design a meaningful story-based solution, one that your people will want to access and share.

M-Learning – Give your target audience information where they’re most likely to engage with it.

Delivering content via your audience’s smartphone is the smart channel with which to engage and stay relevant. Working with our partners, we can create  mobile learning platform and/ or game based solutions that your audience will want to engage with repeatedly.




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